Wisdom from Within: Empower Yourself from Pain

Support each other while gaining tools to understand and address the multiple dimensions that affect pain.

Cristin Zaimes, Doctorate of Physical Therapy and pelvic floor dysfunction specialist, has collaborated with Sage Wheeler, a Martha Beck Life Coach and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, to create a much needed support group for women.  Women with pelvic pain or any chronic pain have been on a journey and are often left without answers or guidance.  How do you take the next step to a world where pain is no longer your primary focus?  Sage Wheeler presents tools such as gateless writing, restorative yoga and a 4-D experiential wheel to help connect the Body&Mind.   Gain alternative tools that will empower you to move forward.   You are not alone; 20 million women suffer with pelvic floor dysfunction and millions more with chronic pain.

Online Seminar Coming in October.


Oceanside PT is proud to promote these workshops brought to you by therapists we trust.  We have no affiliation or do not benefit financially from either of these offerings.  We simply believe in their work and understand the benefit to our patients.