Trusted Partners

We believe in collaboration for a truly integrated experience. Oceanside’s trusted partners:

Erin Holt


Most of our patients suffer from some sort of gut dysfunction. That translates to inflammation in the body and a nervous system that struggles to heal. Our culture does not make it easy to heal through food rather most of the foods we ingest contribute to some level of dysfunction. We are well aware of the connections with pain, injury and many other symptoms and through collaboration with Erin, we can now offer patients a more thorough approach to healing. Erin has multiple options to help. She offers private sessions at Oceanside Physical Therapy, LLC. Check out her website to learn more and contact her for scheduling.


Sage Wheeler

4-D Wheel Practitioner, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Gateless Writing Instructor, Certified Yoga teacher and Martha Beck Life Coach

Cristin and Sage began collaboration in 2017 when Sage introduced Cristin to the 4-D Wheel by Dr. GIna Ogden, an award-winning sex therapist, supervisor, researcher, teacher, and author. Recent advances in pain resolution have proven that the complexity of the brain must be integrated into healing. The 4-D wheel is an innovative tool which allows patients to investigate the depths of their brain for optimal healing. Sage is an eclectic source of wisdom who can help exploration of one’s emotions, thoughts and sensations which may be blocking physical

Contact Sage at to schedule a phone call and discuss private session
at her office in Peterborough, NH or at Oceanside Physical Therapy.