Pre/Post Natal

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FREE Mom and Baby Class

Two Fridays/month (See schedule for details)

Delivery is traumatic on a woman’s body, end of story.  Self-care is the most selfless thing to do for your family.  Many countries advise women to have physical therapy at the 6 week check up even if they are independent of symptoms.  Come to this class with your new love and learn how to get those deeper muscles firing again.  You must know how to activate your core before returning to more intense exercise.  The core is much more than your abdominal muscles.   Abdominal muscle separation, bladder challenges, PAIN of any kind and change in sexual function may be common but not normal.  This class is a great place to start. Ask an experienced PT any questions and find support from like-minded women.

*This class is for Mom and non-mobile baby.  There will be room to have baby out of the stroller or car seat.  This class is for Mama and not intended to be a play group.  The intention is to have a space for Moms come to learn about their health and recovery.  No snacks or electronics for the babies please.  Bring those angels but this is for you Mom!

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