Frequently Asked Questions

Our Current System: It’s not good but we can help

Unfortunately in our current system, having insurance does not insure coverage and definitely does not insure good coverage. At Oceanside, our treatment model allows us to be consultants for you, in one hour private sessions, assisting you in achieving your treatment goals. We are confident we can provide significant information and a treatment plan within just a few visits. We also have classes, online materials, and we can guide you to the best trainers, nutritionists, therapists and other practitioners who can help with your journey.


Oceanside can help be an advocate

We will work with you to understand your plan and physical therapy needs in a financialmodel that is manageable. Before you pay for 20 visits with a co-pay, talk to one of our therapists or administrative staff to understand how we can help. Call our office 603-580-4494 to set up a phone call or a complimentary discovery visit with a therapist to further understand what we do and how we can help.


Fees and Packages offered

Our private pay rates at the time of service are as follows:

  • Initial Evaluation: $150
  • Follow-Up Visit: $125
  • *Private 45-60 minute session
  • Dry needling: $75 per session or $275 for 4 sessions.


  • Preferred Provider Networks: Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Medicare (All insurances are accepted as your secondary)
  • Tufts
  • Tricare

Please call the office to discuss your case details if you are referred through workman’s
compensation or the VA. Coverage is often possible. If you have Out of Network benefits available through your health plan, we make the reimbursement process easy and will do it for you in most cases.

Click here to learn more about options for Out of Network payment.

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*Coverage varies based on your individual plan. Please call your insurance to understand your PT benefit, and any additional requirements (referrals or authorizations) your particular plan may have.