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Pelvic Floor Awareness & Relaxation

Oceanside Physical Therapy | Pelvic Floor Awareness & Relaxation

We believe that the awareness of breath and body are fundamental but often difficult concepts to integrate into an exercise program.   It is not just about calorie burn and high intensity.  This type of exercise can contribute to spinal and pelvic floor dysfunction.  The complete action of the pelvic floor is both to relax… Read more »

Constipation: It Shouldn’t Be This Hard

Oceanside Physical Therapy | Constipation

As pelvic floor physical therapists we educate people about how to go to the bathroom, EVERY DAY.  As PT’s, one of our primary roles is to educate patients about the evacuation process.  Our therapy sessions are then focused on teaching patients to become aware of their pelvic floor and to RELAX these muscles.  Most of… Read more »

Becoming Activist Medical Shoppers

Oceanside Physical Therapy | Healthcare Shopping

Americans love to shop, and we’re quite good at it. We research, we read, we consult, we buy. We are educated shoppers too, because information, mostly online, is right at our fingertips. When we buy a car, we know what the dealership paid for it, what other buyers in the area paid for similar cars, reliability ratings, and… Read more »

The Diaphragm

Oceanside Physical Therapy | Breathe

Many of our initial sessions revolve around the function of the diaphragm and how it has become dysfunctional as related to your current symptoms.  Here we explain the basic functions of the diaphragm and its relation to the pelvic floor. Click here for the Diaphragm Handout. Below you’ll find a YouTube video that further demonstrates this amazing… Read more »